CakePHP 3.0.16, 3.1.11, and 3.2.3 Released

The CakePHP core team is happy to announce the immediate availability of CakePHP 3.0.16, 3.1.11, and 3.2.3. These releases contain security fixes. 3.2.3 and also contains bugfixes.

Security Fixes

An issue in PaginatorHelper has been fixed that would allow manipulation of pagination links. A malicious user could manipulate URLs to point at arbitrary destinations. A huge thank-you to Kurita Takashi for notifying us of this issue, and reviewing the fix.

Bugfixes in 3.2.3

In addition to the security fix, 3.2.3 contains the following bug fixes:

  • Camel-backed virtual properties can be accessed once again. This was a regression in 3.2.0. (@markstory)
  • Long paths in the error pages are now wrapped. (@bcrowe)
  • _joinData is no longer lost when marshalling existing BelongsToMany records using the id attributes. (@markstory)
  • Date::parseDate() now correctly handles timezones. (@lorenzo)
  • Setting a Cell’s templatePath inside the action now works. (@markstory)
  • FormHelper now consistently uses formatTemplate() internally. (@ypnos-web)
  • Hash::sort() now correctly sorts DateTimeImmutable objects. (@ndm2)
  • Security::randomBytes() was added. This method wraps the various ways to get secure random data. If secure data cannot be found, insecure data will be used and a warning will be emitted. (@markstory)
  • CSRF tokens are now generated with Security::randomBytes(). (@markstory)
  • Custom template paths are now factored into view path generation. (@phillaf)

Minor Enhancements

  • Improved API documentation (@dereuromark, @ndm2, @fxleblanc)
  • EventManager::matchingListeners() was added, allowing the caller to find listeners bound to the named event. (@jeffblack360)
  • Table::find('list') will automatically use the selected fields if there are 2 of them. This makes find(list) behave more consistently with 2.x easing migration. (@dereuromark)
  • TableRegistry::get() now accepts a connectionName parameter. This lets you define the connection by name instead of requiring the object. (@skie)
  • QueryExpression::identifierEquals() was added to increase compatiblity across the supported database vendors. (@skie)
  • App::shortName() was added. (@Marlinc)
  • AuthComponent finder option now permits finder options to be defined. (@ADmad)

CakeFest Call for Speakers is Still Open

CakeFest 2016 will be in Amsterdam from May 26th - May 29th. If you’d like to speak at CakeFest the call for [speakers is still open]( Tickets [are also on sale]( at a special rate until the speaker list is announced.

CakePHP Newsletter

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As always, a huge thanks to all the community members that helped make this release happen by reporting issues and sending pull requests.

Download a packaged release on github.