960 Fluid Grid System Bake Templates CakePHP 2.1

I found this project and made some changes to it and published it on Github. All the credits go to the original poster (Tom_M https://bakery.cakephp.org/users/view/tom_m), all I did was make it available on Github and a few changes for CakePHP 2.1. You can get the ‘new’ version at https://github.com/snelweg/CakePHP-960-fluid

Want to use 960 grid system in your baked app? Ever see this “fluid” template that uses it? http://www.designinfluences.com/fluid960gs - I put it into some bake templates. It’s not that I don’t like the default baked views, but I wanted something more generic and flexible. This template is extremely fast to work with too. You can add more boxes and other content very easily as opposed to the default bake templates.

If you are unfamiliar with the 960 Fluid Grid System template created by Stephen Bau, then check out the link in the intro. It’s a very clean and basic gray/black/white layout with some nice collapsible divs and accordions and such. The page even says, “templates for rapid interactive prototyping.” Sounds like a perfect match for a rapid framework like CakePHP.

You can download the file from my server: http://www.shift8creative.com/files/960-fluid-cakephp-bake-template.tar.gz

Not to take you away from the Bakery or anything, but if you were so inclined, you can see some screenshots on my site: http://www.shift8creative.com/project/960-fluid-grid-system-cakephp-bake-templates

How do you use it? Look at the README in the zip file, but basically you’ll want to copy/merge the files in the same structure to your app. Then when you go to bake your view templates you should have a numbered option with “default” and “960grid” to choose from. Maybe others too if you have more bake templates. Anyway, choose “960grid” and that’s it. You should be set.

Check out the manual for more information: https://book.cakephp.org/view/789/Modify-default-HTML-produced-by-baked-templates

New version

You can get the ‘new’ version at https://github.com/snelweg/CakePHP-960-fluid