CakeFest 2015: New York, USA

Join us at CakeFest 2015, the annual CakePHP conference, held this year in New York, USA, from the 28th until the 31st of May, and experience the very best of Open Source! Visit for info and tickets.

The biggest CakePHP event, ever!

This year we’re celebrating the stable release of 3.0, as well as an incredible 10 years of CakePHP and Open Source with the whole community. This is a huge milestone for the project, so we couldn’t think of anywhere better than the awesome city of New York, USA.


The 2 days of workshops at CakeFest are the perfect opportunity to learn the best parts of CakePHP 3.0 with core developers, and a great way to get up to speed with all the new features included in the latest major version of the framework. You’ll also receive your own certificate of attendance.

This year we have both basic and advanced workshops, from getting the most out of CakePHP, to going deep into the internals of the framework, allowing both beginners and veterans to get a piece of the cake!


Covering 2 full days of keynotes, presentations and talks on CakePHP and related technologies, the conference portion of CakeFest is an event you don’t want to miss, for both enthusiasts and newcomers to the framework. It’s a unique time to engage and network with the community, learn from other experienced developers, and hang out with the core team! See for more details.


This year we’ve teamed up again with some of the biggest names in the industry, to make this the best CakePHP and Open Source community conference ever! These people, organisations and companies help make everything happen, so be sure to check them out at and say hi!


The event itself is held from Thursday the 28th until Sunday the 31st of May. The first 2 days are dedicated to the workshops, while the weekend sees the 2 conference days through to the closing of the conference.

There are tickets for only the workshops, just the conference days, or the full event (recommended), and we currently have the Early Bird discount on all prices. Grab your tickets now at, and see you there!