NeptunIDE - CakePHP dedicated IDE is now available for everyone!

Two years ago I posted here about my new project - NeptunIDE, a cloud-based IDE supporting CakePHP.

I was looking for Beta testers and there were many responses, much more than we could actually handle at that time.

After two years of intensive development NeptunIDE is nearly ready, and to celebrate this we are opening NeptunIDE Beta today. In the next couple of days anyone can register and start using NeptunIDE beta immediately - and totally for free. I’d say that it’s ready to use for production development.

What makes NeptunIDE so special? It’s the first IDE with dedicated CakePHP support.

And what does it mean? It means you can start developing a new CakePHP project with just a few clicks. It means you can run an action you are working on by pressing F5 on your keyboard (no matter if you are editing controller method, view or even CakePHP shell - shell will be executed in NeptunIDE built-in terminal).

And last, but definitely not least: it means that NeptunIDE will provide CakePHP autocomplete sugestions based on CakePHP conventions. No other IDE can provide this by analysing PHP Code. Imagine it: you type ` $components` in your controller and NeptunIDE suggests you names of all CakePHP components in your project. You type ` $this->Html->link` in view and NeptunIDE suggests you the list of controllers and actions that you can link to. You style your CakePHP project and NeptunIDE suggests automagically created css classes in your css files.

Well, you don’t have to imagine this. You can see it with your own eyes now! Just sign up for 100% free Beta at Hurry up! Free Beta subscription is available only until the end of July 2013 and will run until the end of August 2013.