Document Manager Plugin for CakePHP 2.x

This plugin offers the the possibility to have an online browser allowing to manage files inside a directory tree. You can upload, rename, delete files, create folders, get the absolute URL of a file and much more…

The Document Manager plugin provides an out of the box simple file management interface for any CakePHP 2.x application.

You define a base directory inside the webroot folder for your arborescence and inside you can create folders, upload/rename/delete files, browse them, obtain the absolute URL of any file in order to be able to link to it. Uploaded files informations are stored inside a Document table which allows to easily access them in your application.

Moreover it can be hooked to an user management system to manage ownership of files and prevent files edition or deletion by other users. If you do not have an user management system, you can easily disable file ownership management to have an open system.

It requires jQuery and jQuery-UI to perform. It is styled with Bootstrap.

The source code can be found on GitHub : Document Manager Plugin for CakePHP. More informations at La Pâtisserie.