CakePHP 3.4.12 Released

The CakePHP core team is happy to announce the immediate availability of CakePHP 3.4.12. This is a maintenance release for the 3.4 branch that fixes several community reported issues.

Bugfixes & New Features

You can expect the following changes in 3.4.12. See the changelog for every commit.

  • Shell::out() and similar methods once again handle array inputs.
  • Cake\Http\Client now raises a 504 HttpException when a timeout occurs.
  • Improved deprecation comments in API doc blocks.
  • Cake\Http\Client response bodies can be read with the PSR7 interface once again.
  • Improved SQLServer 2008 pagination shims to work when results are ordered by a computed field.
  • DefaultPasswordHasher now includes the hashCost option as a factor into whether or not a password needs to be rehashed.
  • IntegrationTestCase now correctly generates form-tampering prevention tokens for requests with query string arguments in the URL string.
  • Empty translation messages now return the key for messages with no context.

Contributors to 3.4.12

Thank you to all the contributors that helped make this release happen:

  • ADmad
  • Bernat Arlandis
  • David Yell
  • Jeremy Harris
  • Joris Vaesen
  • José Lorenzo Rodríguez
  • Marc Würth
  • Mark Scherer
  • Mark Story
  • Mike Fellows
  • Owen Gerrard
  • antograssiot
  • saeid

As always, we would like to thank all the contributors that opened issues, created pull requests or updated the documentation.

Download a packaged release on github.