Queries log for your AJAX requests

Have you ever needed to look inside what’s going on with your AJAX requests?

With the rise of javascript-heavy applications it is becoming necessary to have more powerful tools for inspecting and debugging asynchronous requests without reloading the browser or using special browser plugins.

With DebugKit 3.1, inspecting XHR requests is now possible. By default, all AJAX requests are logged into the History panel in your DebugKit Toolbar:

DebugKit Ajax Panel

By clicking on any of the logged XHR requests you will be able to see toolbar information for that specific request, including the SQL log, view variables, logged messages and timers.

This update is immediately available for all CakePHP 3.0.x users, please update your DebugKit installation by doing:

composer update cakephp/debug_kit

We hope this feature will make you as happy and excited as we are. Keep baking!