CakePHP 2.6.0 Released

The CakePHP core team is proud to announce the immediate availability of CakePHP 2.6.0.

The CakePHP core team is proud to announce the immediate availability of CakePHP 2.6.0. There have been a few changes to 2.6.0 since the RC1 release:

  • AuthComponent now fires the Auth.afterIdentify event after users are logged in.
  • HtmlHelper::script() and HtmlHelper::css() no longer share a single asset list for the once option.
  • Postgres driver supports sslmode.
  • The test suite can now use PHPUnit’s phar file.
  • The RLIKE operator is now supported by the MySQL driver.
  • API documentation improvements
  • PaginatorHelper now merges options used for active links with options used for disabled links.

New Feature Highlight

  • stackTrace() has been added as a convenience wrapper function for Debugger::trace(). It directly echos just as debug() does. But only if debug level is on.
  • ConsoleOptionParser::removeSubcommand() was added.
  • Shell::overwrite() has been added to allow generating progress bars or to avoid outputting too many lines by replacing text that has been already outputted to the screen.
  • When using AclBehavior, The model’s parentNode() method now gets the type (Aro, Aco) passed as first argument: $model->parentNode($type).
  • Schema migrations with MySQL now support an after key when adding a column. This key allows you to specify which column the new one should be added after.
  • Model::save() had the atomic option back-ported from 3.0.
  • CakeRequest::param() can now read values using :ref: hash-path-syntax like data().
  • CakeRequest:setInput() was added.
  • HttpSocket::head() was added.
  • You can now use the protocol option to override the specific protocol to use when making a request.
  • CakeTime::timeAgoInWords() now supports strftime() compatible absolute date formats. This helps make localizing formatted times easier.
  • CakeTime::timeAgoInWords() now supports a relativeStringFuture option. This option is a printf compatible string for outputting future relative time date formats. This helps make localizing formatted times easier.
  • Hash::get() now raises an exception when the path argument is invalid.
  • Hash::nest() now raises an exception when the nesting operation results in no data.
  • HtmlHelper::css() had the once option added. It works the same as the once option for HtmlHelper::script(). The default value is false to maintain backwards compatibility.
  • The maxlength attribute will now also be applied to textareas, when the corresponding DB field is of type varchar, as per HTML specs.
  • New i18n functions have been added. The new functions allow you to include message context which allows you disambiguate possibly confusing message strings. For example ‘read’ can mean multiple things in English depending on the context. The new __x, __xn, __dx, __dxn, __dxc, __dxcn, and __xc functions provide access to the new features.
  • AuthComponent now triggers the Auth.afterIdentify event after successfully identifying a user.
  • Model::afterFind() now always uses a consistent format for afterFind(). When $primary is false, the results will always be located under $data[0][‘ModelName’]. You can set the $this->useConsistentAfterFind = false to restore the original behaviour if your application relies on the old behavior.
  • Configure value I18n.preferApp can now be used to control the order of translations. If set to true it will prefer the app translations over any plugins’ ones.


In addition to new features, a few features have been deprecated, and will be removed in CakePHP 3.0.0

  • Validation::between has been deprecated, you should use Validation::lengthBetween instead.
  • Validation::ssn has been deprecated and may be provided as standalone/plugin solution.
  • The $confirmMessage argument of HtmlHelper::link() has been deprecated. You should instead use key confirm in $options to specify the message.
  • The $confirmMessage argument of FormHelper::postLink() has been deprecated. You should instead use key confirm in $options to specify the message.

The Future of 2.x

With 2.6.0 released, the development branch for 2.7.0 has been created. This branch will be released in 5-6 months and will be another 2.x API compatible release. While the core team doesn’t have any large improvements planned for 2.7, there will be some efforts to backport useful features from 3.0 to help you migrate more easily.

A huge thanks to all involved in terms of both contributions through commits, tickets, documentation edits, and those whom have otherwise contributed to the framework. Without you CakePHP wouldn’t be possible.