CakeFest 2014: Madrid, Spain

Join us at CakeFest 2014, the annual CakePHP conference, held this year in Madrid, Spain, from the 21st until the 24th of August, and experience the very best of open source! Visit for info and tickets.

The big 3.0

This year we’re celebrating 9 years of CakePHP, and we want to do it with all of you, our awesome community. There’s also a very important milestone on the horizon, in the form of the lucky number “3”. You really cannot miss this year’s event, held in the beautiful European city of Madrid, Spain, from Thursday the 21st until Sunday the 24th of August.

See more details on the location at

We’ve also got an incredible offer for you this year, as we’re providing some tickets which include a room plus breakfast in the 4* hotel that’s hosting the conference! That’s right, all you need is to get there and we’ll take care of the rest. Who said we don’t love you guys?!

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The 2 day workshops at CakeFest are an ideal opportunity to learn the internals of CakePHP, and a great way to get up to speed with the latest version of the framework. We’ll be focusing part of the workshops on the new 3.0 code base, helping people get to grips with the new features for this third major revision of CakePHP. Attendees will also receive a personal certificate of attendance from the Cake Software Foundation.


The conference covers 2 jam packed days of keynotes, presentations, discussions and talks on CakePHP and related technologies, plus an array of activities, such as lightning talks, core team Q, the Hour of Contribution and a raffle. It’s a great time to engage and network with the community, learn from other experienced developers, and party with the core team. Plus, there will be cake!

Call for Papers

Would you like to be a speaker at a conference which draws an international crowd who love PHP and all things cake related? Never spoken before, or don’t think you have anything interesting to share? The annual CakePHP conference draws an exceptionally friendly community of developers, tech lovers and geeks in general. If you’re interested in giving a talk this year, then CakeFest is the ideal event. The submissions are open until April 30th! Just head over to and submit your talk proposals. We’re open to anyone for submissions. All it takes is a interesting idea, and we’d love to hear yours!


Are you working for a company or own a business that would benefit from the unique exposure that comes from sponsoring the annual CakePHP conference? Consult our sponsorship prospectus for more details as well as the sponsor packages currently available.