Generating Tree compatible with twitter bootstrap nav subnav

I needed a helper which show my Menu items in twitter bootstrap navigation bar format with unlimited deep. First i did google for finding it but there was no result or there was not free. So i will show you how i did do that. first of all: My MenuItems Model has simple fields: id,parent_id,title,link,lft,rght and it’s actsAs Tree (Behavior)

so after i fetched data in threaded mode with find function i passed it to this little tiny long time function in a helper:

public function renderMenu($array,$root=true,$hasChildren=false) {
    if (count($array)) {
        if ($root)
            echo "\n<ul class=\"nav\">\n";
            if ($hasChildren)
                echo "\n<ul class=\"dropdown-menu\">\n" ;
                echo "\n<ul>\n";
        foreach ($array as $vals) {

            if (count($vals['children']) && (!$hasChildren))
                $liClass="dropdown" ;
                                if ($hasChildren && count($vals['children']))
                                        $liClass = 'dropdown-submenu' ;
                                        $liClass=null ;

            echo "<li " ;
            if (!is_null($liClass))
                echo 'class="'.$liClass.'"' ;

            echo " id=\"".$vals['MenuItem']['id']."\">".$this->Html->link($vals['MenuItem']['title'],$vals['MenuItem']['link'],array('class'=>'dropdown-toggle', 'data-toggle'=>'dropdown'));
            if (count($vals['children'])) {
            echo "</li>\n";
        echo "</ul>\n";

it will print out a Bootstrap navigation bar compatible nested ul li.