CakePHP Modular Admin And Structured Content - Cloggy

Cloggy is a plugin for CakePHP for website administration. With Cloggy,all administration activities will be separated by modules. In addition to administration, Cloggy also provides a MySql database structure to facilitate developer / programmer to manage their contents.

Every website that we made, still need an administration area to manage their users,contents, and others. This is a mission of Cloggy. To help programmers to manage their admins.

Today i want to introduce my cakephp plugin to manage administration area. With Cloggy, all administration activities separated by modules, such as for blogging, users,search and others. You dont have to create your admin from scratch, just create a module that you need.

Inside Cloggy, module is a plugin extension (think about HMVC). You can create and manage your module without broke CakePHP convention standard, it means you don’t need to learn about module anymore.


  1. User module
  2. Search module
  3. Blog module
  4. Documentation module
  5. A nodes to manage your content

Beside an administration area, Cloggy also give a structured table content using node concept to help you to manage your content.

For detail information, just clone this plugin (documentation included!) :)

Cloggy still on active and agressive development until stable release (ver1.x). I need a feedback and your contribution to manage this plugin.

Github: Cloggy