Security Fix: CakePHP 2.3.5 released

After conducting a security audit on our code we have patched a possible security risk in current CakePHP release.

CakePHP 2.3.5 has just been released to fix a critical issue with how the webroot property in CakeRequest is handled that could potentially lead to XSS attacks on certain pages. In the following days we will offer a full description of the vulnerability and how it can be exploited, after some reasonable time has passed for our users to upgrade.

A huge thanks to Florian Krämer for conducting a full security audit on the CakePHP code and Carl Sutton for report and providing a candidate patch.

In addition to the security fix 2.3.4 contains fixes for the following issues:

  • Increasing compatibility with old CentOS servers and the way they handle PHP regular expressions
  • Preventing pagiation limit from overflowing the max integer value
  • Making sure form ids generated in FormHelper::postLink() are actually unique
  • Fixed a bug in TextHelper auto link utility

We recommend all users of 2.x release series upgrade as soon as possible to the new release.