Backup your SQL database with BackupMe console application

BackupMe is a console script to create SQL databases dump backups for CakePHP applications.

A shell application to create SQL databases dump backups (Tables only!).


This script is based upon the one written by David Walsh and published on his blog on August 18, 2008

Many thanks to him!


  1. Download the repo and put it in your app/ folder.
  2. Open up your CakePHP shell and run the command “cake backup” (You can use cron jobs)

This script backup all of your tables by default but you can select specific tables by uncommenting

//$tables = array('orders', 'users', 'profiles');

and filling your own table names.

  • Notice: This application uses ProgressBar Task written by Matt Curry. If you want to use it should be in vendors/shells/tasks directory otherwise please comment the lines which contains:


I don’t know why you wanna do that! That progress bar is awesome! Thanks Matt!


  1. Database configuration, default is “default”.
  2. Rows per query (less rows = less ram usage but more running time) default is 0 which means all rows.
  3. Absolute path for the directory to save your backup, it will be created automatically if not found, default is app/db-backups/yyyy-mm- dd

Additional possible features

  1. Upload backup using FTP.