ConfigAdmin - Administration of Custom Configuration File

ConfigAdmin Pulgin is management of custom configuration file. > This is created on top of available functionality in cakephp 2.1<br > Ref: #reading-and-writing-configuration-files > To use this plugin you must have cakephp version 2.1+. <br > This gives ability to end-user to modify key-value pairs in configuration file through simple UI design.

Installation & Usage

1. Download plugin from > 2. Copy Paste ~/plugin/ConfigAdmin folder to your app/Plugin folder. > 3. Copy Paste config_admin_codes.php file into app/Config folder. > 4. That’s it now you can test it. http: /your-project- name/config_admin/settings > If you are testing it on localhost then - Ex. localhost your_project/config_admin/settings > 5. Now you can use config_admin_codes.php file by loading it in your controller to set it in view.<br > 6. Load config_admin_codes at the top of controller. Read it in any of action wherever you want to use configuration file. > Ex. <code><span style=”color: #000000”> <br ><?php App::uses(‘AppController’,’Controller’); Configure::load(‘config_admin_codes’);//Lodingconfigfile classContactsControllerextendsAppController{ publicfunctionindex(){ $this->Contact->recursive=0; $this->set(‘contacts’,$this->paginate()); $codes=Configure::read(‘config_admin_codes’);//Readingconfigfile $this->set($codes);//settingconfigvaluestoview } } ?>