User Management Plugin for cakephp 2.x version 2.0

I have launched a new version(2.0) of my plugin for user management. Demo at

This plugin is Basic need of your website. Basically It gives you all features which you need on starting your website or a project in cakephp 2.x framework.

It is very helpful for Beginners because of following features-

Clean code with coding standards
Proper documentations
Newbie will learn- a. How to write code in Cakephp? b. How to use CSRF/XSS protection in cakephp c. How to use SSL/HTTPS in cakephp for whole site as well as only some pages. d. How to use Ajax Pagination in cakephp. e. How to use Ajax Form Validations with File/Image in cakephp.

and many more. For all features,Beginners please have a look on

Experts will also learn many other things. For all features

You can start your project or a website in few minutes with this plugin because this plugin has all things which you can think in starting of your project.

The main features are-

Login with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Four Square, Gmail, Yahoo.
All Configurations are database driven. No need to touch php code for config setting.
No need to hard code your site URL any where.
View Online users and guest and admin can take many action on online users.
SSL support for selected pages or whole site.
Most of the things are Ajax driven.

I cannot describe all features here so please have a look on demo at here you can find all features of this plugin.