Integrating cakephp with OpenId

this article tells how to integrate openid with your cake……….

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Today everyone is in a rapid hustle. So mostly internet users find registration process as very time consuming. Sometimes they might leave your web product if they just want to avoid that annoying registration process. So a very good alternative to this is using `OpenId`_. OpenId is a great way to make your authentication system even more flexible. To implement this feature we must have a basic working authentication system. Click to know how to build basic authentication system.


First of all your PHP must have OpenID Library. You can download it from this here. When you are done with downloading library then extract the folder named as Auth into your web application’s /app/vendors/ folder. Note: folder is /app/vendors/ not /vendors/ which is in root of your web app besides your app folder. Second you must have OpenId plugin for Cakephp. To download this plugin follow this link. Now similarly extract this download to your /app/plugins/ folder. After extracting you will have openid folder inside your /app/plugins/.


  • First of all you need to replace that OpenId’s Auth component with cakephp’s default Auth component. To do that edit your ` appcontroller.php` file. By implementing below code will extend Auth component functionality. One thing that is very important here is that you still have power of old Auth Component. You can still use it’s variables and functions i.e ` $this->Auth->allow(“*”);`
var $components = array(
  • Now you need to edit your ` login.ctp` view file. When below form is submitted then Auth component will try to login user with username and password field. But if it failed to login with username and password then it will check whether OpenId URL is specified or not. If this happens then it will attempt to authenticate URL against OpenID server. If permission granted then OpenAuth component will add user to the session. <?php echo$this->Form->create(array(‘action’=>’login’)); echo$this->Form->input(array(‘openid’=>array(‘label’=>’OpenIDURL’))); echo$this->Form->input(‘username’); echo$this->Form->input(‘password’); echo$this->Form->end(‘Login’); ?>

Final words

This is it, after this all we have working authentication system with OpenId.