CakeFest 2012 - Only 30 days until CakeFest!

With only 30 days remaining until CakeFest 2012, now is the best time to secure your tickets and book your travel!

Organising CakeFest 2012 has been a thrilling experience. We’ve got plenty of interesting talks lined up, sponsors attending the event, and some kickass keynotes to be delivered.

On top of that, the team have been (secretly) designing a special CakePHP CakeFest 2012 T-Shirt that attendees will be able to get a peek at during the conference.

I’m always excited by the leadup to CakeFest, and this year is no different. We have talks from all over the world, and we have a great schedule lined up.

If you have not purchased your ticket for CakeFest yet, we strongly suggest doing this as soon as possible, in addition to booking any required accommodation to ensure that you don’t miss out. For those that are interested in cheaper accommodation close to the conference; the Manchester Conference Centre where the event is being hosted, offers student accommodation rooms. You don’t need to be a student to book them, they are just basic accommodation, at a cheap rate. This is tehe best way to experience CakeFest at a reduced cost. Besides, most of your time will be spent at the conference, or at the bar!

NOTE: The student rooms are listed as “Weston Hall” when making a booking.

Again, I am excited to be attending and organising this event, and I am keen to catch up with the regulars, as well as meet lots of new faces in the CakePHP community.

See you in Manchester for CakeFest 2012!

Link: CakeFest website

Link: Manchester Conference Centre