Composer Plugin for CakePHP

Use Composer conveniently with your CakePHP application and get access to a vast library of reusable PHP components and packages through Packagist.

About Composer

Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the dependent libraries your project needs and it will install them in your project for you.

With Packagist, you get access to a vast library of reusable PHP components that will help a lot in your development work.

About this plugin

This is a CakePHP plugin to use Composer conveniently with your CakePHP 2.x project.

There is no need to pre-install Composer. This plugin will automatically download the latest version if Composer is not installed at your system.

Packages downloaded via this Composer plugin will be installed at ` APP/Vendor` as per CakePHP convention.

How to use

  1. Download the plugin and place it at ` APP/Plugin/Composer`. Or via Git:
cd APP/Plugin
git clone git:// Composer
  1. Load the plugin by adding this line to the bottom of your app’s ` Config/bootstrap.php`:
CakePlugin::load('Composer', array('bootstrap' => true));
  1. That’s all! Composer is ready for use. ` composer.json` is located at ` APP/composer.json`. It is automatically created if it is not found. Packages are installed to ` APP/Vendor` as per CakePHP convention. Invoke Composer from command line with ` Console/cakecomposer.c`. For example, to install opauth/opauth using Composer’s ` require` command.
 cd APP
 Console/cake composer.c require opauth/opauth:0.*

To install packages defined at ` composer.json`
Console/cake composer.c install
  1. This plugin also makes use of Composer’s autoloader. Start using a Composer-loaded classes right away without needing ` require()`, ` include()` or ` App::import()`. For example, to instantiate a new Opauth object, simply instantiate Opauth from anywhere (model, controller, view, literally anywhere) in your CakePHP application:
$Opauth = new Opauth();

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