Amazon Product Advertising Services Component

A CakePHP 2.x component for using the Amazon PAS The source for this component is available from Github

I first toyed with the idea of making the official AWS/PAS libraries ( available from github in the repositories ‘aws-sdk-for-php’ and ‘cloudfusion’ ) usable by CakePHP but then went away from this as it ties you into using CURL. Personally I would rather have the choice of using Cake’s own HttpSocket to make requests if I choose to or even my own Caching and Throttled versions of HttpSocket.

So instead, I created a component whose sole purpose is to construct URL’s that can then be sent to Amazon using any method I choose in order obtain the information.

Installation, Configuration and Usage documentation are contained within the readme file and the component source so there is little need to repeat it here.

I hope it is of use to someone other than myself !!!