CakePHP 2.1.2 & 2.2.0-beta released

The CakePHP core team is proud to announce the immediate availability of both CakePHP 2.1.2 [1], and 2.2.0-beta [2]. 2.1.2 is a bugfix release for the 2.1.x branch, while 2.2.0-beta is the first release for 2.2.x.

The CakePHP core team is proud to announce the immediate availability of both CakePHP 2.1.2 [1], and 2.2.0-beta [2]. 2.1.2 is a bugfix release for the 2.1.x branch, while 2.2.0-beta is the first release for 2.2.x.

CakePHP 2.1.2

There are a number of bugfixes in 2.1.2, the most notable of those changes is:

  • Set::insert() now overwrites values that were previously string values.
  • AuthComponent now uses loginRedirect as the default redirect location, should the session be empty.
  • CakeNumber::format() now supports multiple bytes for thousands/decimals when using PHP lower than PHP 5.4
  • A change to CakeSession was reverted to help solve issues with IE8 and sessions being lost.
  • Fixed an issue with SQLServer + boolean columns.
  • DboSource::buildJoinStatement() does not add the schema when the table is a subquery.
  • SessionComponent::id() always returns the sessionid. It will auto- start the session if necessary.
  • Method checking in Model for expression() and calculate() is only done when required now.
  • The testsuite now always uses the test datasource. Previously, if you did not include any fixtures and ran tests that required the database, the default connection was used.
  • URL fragments are no longer urlencoded. This caused issues with client side frameworks like backbone.
  • The return of L10n::get() consistently returns the language.
  • HTML escaping for string urls on css() and script() was fixed.
  • Warnings from saveAll() with an empty hasMany data set are fixed.
  • Validation::decimal() accepts values like 10 and 10.0 .
  • FormHelper::postButton() no longer makes invisible buttons.
  • The $_FILES array is now recursively reformatted. This fixes issues when file inputs are deeply nested.
  • EmailComponent no longer double encodes addresses containing UTF-8 characters.
  • File::create() no longer juggles umask. This was a workaround for file caching which is no longer needed.

CakePHP 2.2.0-beta

Following hot on the heels of 2.1.0, the CakePHP team is proud to announce the beta release for 2.2.0. 2.2.x will be an API compatible release with 2.0.x, and 2.1.x. All of the changes mentioned in the 2.1.2 release, are also be present in 2.2.0-beta. We’ve decided to skip the standard ` -dev` and ` -alpha` releases, as we think the new features are relatively stable, and should be generally transparent when upgrading. A quick list of new features added in 2.2.0-beta:

Timezone support for CakeTime utility

  • Added “Config.timezone” param to configure global timezone for the application.
  • CakeTime functions can now use timezone string or DateTimeZone object for user offsets
  • The $userOffset parameter has been replaced with $timezone parameter in all relevant functions.
  • Passing numeric offsets for $timezone parameter is still possible for backwards compatibility.
  • New methods added: CakeTime::toServer() and CakeTime::timezone()`

Support pagination for complex custom finders

Model ` findCount()` will now pass ` $query[‘operation’]=’count’` for more flexibility.

In many cases custom finds already return correct counts for pagination, but ‘operation’ key allows more flexibility to build other queries, or drop joins which are required for the custom finder itself. As the pagination of custom find methods never worked quite well it required workarounds for this in the model level, which are now no longer needed

ACL methods now part of Permission model

Now the Permission model has available all methods exposed in the AclComponent for easier permissions check in the model layer.

New Hash class

A new utility library ` Hash` was added. It is intended as a replacement for the Set class featuring improved performance, and a more consistent API. All internal calls to Set were replaced and Set has been deprecated and will be removed in the next major version.

Also added were Set::expand() and Hash::expand() to convert a plain list of dot separated keys into a nested array.

Helper Lazy Loading

Helpers located in the app folder can now be lazy loaded, there is no need to declare helpers anymore in the ` $helpers` controller property if they are located in the app folder and you do not rely on them triggering any callback.

Redis cache engine

A new cache engine was added to interface with a Redis server, which is similar to Memcache

Cache groups

It is now possible to tag or label cache keys under groups. This makes it simpler to mass-delete cache entries associated to the same label. Groups are declared at configuration time when creating the cache engine

Fatal error & console error handlers

You can now configure separate error handlers for console and fatal errors. If you leave these configurations undefined the defaults will be used. If you are using a custom error handler, it will now receive fatal error codes, in addition to the other types.

Nested transaction support

Dbo datasources now supports real nested transactions. If you need to use this feature in your application, enable it using ` ConnectionMana ger::getDataSource(‘default’)->useNestedTransactions=true;`

Dispatcher filters

Event listeners can now be attached to the dispatcher calls, those will have the ability to change the request information or the response before it is sent to the client. ` app/Config/bootstrap.php` should be changed to add configuration related to Dispatcher filters. If your application relies on assets in themes or plugins being dispatched, or if your are using the full page caching feature you must copy the relevant configuration to your bootstrap file. You need to add the following:

Configure::write('Dispatcher.filters', array(

Additionally, the new AssetDispatcher filter will return a 304 code if it can detect the browser has the asset cached already

Other Changes

  • Add charset() / headerCharset() methods to CakeEmail class
  • Travis CI support
  • Added support for ‘on’ validation key in FormHelper. This will set the required class accordingly depending on the type of operation (create or update)

Following the beta of 2.2.0, the core team will be focusing on solidifying 2.2.x towards a final release, and beginning inital work on the next release of CakePHP.

As always, thanks to the friendly CakePHP community for the patches, documentation changes and new tickets. Without you there would be no CakePHP!