Force saving with know primary key

At first, sorry for my bad english but i’m italian. i’m writing this article for illustrate how to force a save instead update when we insert in the save fields the model’s primary key value. this workaround use the beforeSave callback. At first time insert in the app_model this function:

> <code><span style=”color: #000000”> <br >publicfunctionbeforeSave($opt){ parent::beforeSave($opt); if(isset($opt[‘id’])&&!is_null($opt[‘id’])){ if(!isset($this->data[$this->name][$this->primaryKey])){ $this->data[$this->alias][$this->primaryKey]=$opt[‘id’]; } } returntrue; }

><br > so, when you make a save in your code use this: ><br > ` $this->save( array( ‘Model’=>$fields, ), array( ‘id’=>$newId ) ) ` ><br > replace $fields with the fields array but NOT INSERT IN IT THE PRIMARY KEY FIELD. replace $newId with the know value of the primary key. using the beforeSave validate workaround, the primary key will be set after cake has decided to perform an insert query, because there is not primary key set. So if we need to make an insert, but we want to set manually the primary key value, just using this method, avoid that cake make an update query.