Report Manager Plugin for CakePHP 2

The report manager plugin can help users to create reports based on application models.

Changelog for version 0.4.5

  • bugfix: delete saved report does not refresh the list properly
  • bugfix: array index errors on loading reports

Changelog for version 0.4.4

  • enhancement: JS changes to work on non-root URLs

Changelog for version 0.4.3

  • bugfix: default.js : update after renumber position

Changelog for version 0.4.2

  • bugfix: order.ctp - test if OrderBy1 and OrderBy2 are set
  • bugfix: ReportsController listReports method - handle empty array

Changelog for version 0.4

  • Load and Save reports
  • Export to XLS

Changelog for version 0.3

  • One to many reports
  • Sortable fields by drag and drop ( step 1 )
  • Click to add field change background color ( step 1 )
  • Click in model name check/uncheck all fields ( step 1 )
  • SmartWizard validation ( step 1 )
  • Datepicker for date fields ( step 2 )
  • Checkbox to enable counter option ( step 4 )
  • Check box for one to many reports : show items with no related records ( step 4 )
  • Both jquery and jquery ui libraries are loaded from google


  1. Download the plugin from github or sourceforge ( where you can see some screenshots )

  1. Extract the zip file on the app/Plugin folder ( the plugin folder must be named ReportManager )
  2. Add the following line to your bootstrap.php file ( located at app/Config folder )

CakePlugin::load(‘ReportManager’,array(‘bootstrap’ => true));

  1. Go to the url http://mycakeapp/report_manager/reports to see the main page listing all models

Using the plugin

The wizard interface is self explanatory.

  1. On the first tab you can select the fields and their position
  2. On the second tab you can define a filter
  3. On the third tab you can select up to two fields to sort
  4. On the last tab you can enter a name for your report and choose between 5 style options


Some parameters could be configured in the app/Plugin/ReportManager/Config/bootstrap.php

  • Display foreign keys
  • Ignore List for global fields ( affects all models )
  • Ignore list for models
  • Ignore list for specific model’s fields
  • Reports directory path


It was inspired by the Report Creator Component by Gene Kelly from Nov 9th 2006.

It also uses a Jquery plugin called SmartWizard by Tech Laboratory.

Since version 0.3 the Report Manager Plugin load the jQuery and jQuery UI libraries from Google


Suman (USA)

Santana (Brazil)

Tamer Solieman (Egypt)


Author: Luis E. S. Dias