ThumbnailHelper, a thumbnail generator with cache dynamic

A helper that generates thumbnails of images and uses a cache to store them.

On every site I’ve ever worked had the problem of image thumbnails, because we always have to have thumbnails of certain images to display them in views in cakephp was no different. I found the behavior that makes MeioUpload everywhere upload images, but it uses to generate the thumbnails phpThumb but I could not use it in any way without mentioning that it would generate the thumbnail image at the time of upload, but often need these miniatures in several different sizes and is not feasible to create several thumbnails, so I created a helper that “serves” these thumbnails according to the passed parameters such as size, height, quality and cutting method, where he serves as a miniature based on these parameters it creates a cache of the image thus forming her only once, saving resources and increasing server performance. The use of ThumbnailHelper looks like this:

//I declare the helper in
public $helpers = array('Html', 'Thumbnail');

//updated echo $this->Thumbnail->render(‘teste.jpg’, array( ‘path’ => ‘’, ‘width’ => ‘100’, ‘height’ => ‘100’, ‘resizeOption’ => ‘portrait’, ‘quality’ => ‘100’ ), array(‘id’ => ‘img-test’, ‘alt’ => ‘thumbnail test’));

To download the helper visit my github, make a clone of the repository folder inside the app/View/Helper.