User Management Plugin for cakephp 2.x

Hey I have launched a new user management plugin for cakephp 2.x checkout demo Free Version Premium Version Download from Github Cakephp-2.x

UserMgmt is a User Management Plugin for cakephp 2.x Plugin version 1.0 (now stable)

Hey wanna Demo???

Free Version here is

Premium Version here is

Main Features- 1. Clean code with formatting 2. Login 3. Registration 4. Cookie login/ Remember me functionality 5. Add/Edit/Delete User By Admin 6. Add/Edit/Delete Group By Admin 7. Change Password 8. Forgot Password 9. Change User Password by Admin 10. List of all Users 11. List of all Groups 12. Manage site Permissions using Ajax updation, Permission caching functionality for fast checking 13. User’s Email Verification 14. User Profile View 15. User activation by Admin 16. Routing long urls to small urls

It’s based on jedt/SparkPlug plugin

checkout demo

Download from Github