Hi!, Im new on the bakery, this is my first article, I hope this will be helpfull. This is a behaviors for dateformat, I was looking for something like this, but I never could get one that indulge my needs. so, here it goes. A simple Dateformat behaviors. (lo publique en espaƱol tambien)

<?php class DateformatBehavior extends ModelBehavior {

//Our  format
var $dateFormat = 'd.m.Y';
//datebase Format
var $databaseFormat = 'Y-m-d';

function setup(&$model) {
    $this->model = $model;

function _changeDateFormat($date = null,$dateFormat){
    return date($dateFormat, strtotime($date));

//This function search an array to get a date or datetime field.
function _changeDate($queryDataConditions , $dateFormat){
    foreach($queryDataConditions as $key => $value){
            $queryDataConditions[$key] = $this->_changeDate($value,$dateFormat);
        } else {
            $columns = $this->model->getColumnTypes();
            //sacamos las columnas que no queremos
            foreach($columns as $column => $type){
                if(($type != 'date') && ($type != 'datetime')) unset($columns[$column]);
            //we look for date or datetime fields on database model
            foreach($columns as $column => $type){
                    if($type == 'datetime') $queryDataConditions[$key] = $this->_changeDateFormat($value,$dateFormat.' H:i:s ');
                    if($type == 'date') $queryDataConditions[$key] = $this->_changeDateFormat($value,$dateFormat);

    return $queryDataConditions;

function beforeFind($model, $queryData){
    $queryData['conditions'] = $this->_changeDate($queryData['conditions'] , $this->databaseFormat);
    return $queryData;

function afterFind(&$model, $results){
    $results = $this->_changeDate($results, $this->dateFormat);
    return $results;

function beforeSave($model) {
    $model->data = $this->_changeDate($model->data, $this->databaseFormat);
    return true;

} ?>