Cakephp V2 without a database (Fixed)

This bug has now been fixed 6aa08b5f52955d15fb7e44ed28efcd8156c958d2

A very simple explanation on how to get around the topical bug in CakePHP V2 and use it without a database.

When you want to use CakePHP without a database create the file /app/Model/Datasource/DummySource.php with the following content

class DummySource extends DataSource {

    function connect() {
        $this->connected = true;
        return $this->connected;

    function disconnect() {
        $this->connected = false;
        return !$this->connected;

    function isConnected() {

        return true;


Next update your /app/Config/database.php file altering the ‘default’ array to include a datasource that reads

'datasource' => 'DummySource'

Don’t forget, for every model you create include the property

$useTable = false

That’s all folks.