CakePHP 2.5.4 released

The CakePHP core team is proud to announce the immediate availability of CakePHP 2.5.4.

The CakePHP core team is proud to announce the immediate availability of CakePHP 2.5.4. 2.5.4 is a bugfix release for the 2.5 release branch. A short list of the changes you can expect is:

  • Improved SMTP auth reply checks.
  • Headers are now correctly sent when using ajaxLogin elements with AuthComponent.
  • Errors in sample schema files were corrected.
  • SecurityComponent no longer puts URLs containing a space into the blackhole callback.
  • Year validation now accepts dates from 1800 and later.
  • RequestHandlerComponent will unserialize request bodies on DELETE requests.
  • Transactions are now rolled back in saveAssociated/saveMany when exceptions are raised.
  • Model::afterFind() is no longer called twice for hasOne/belongsTo associations. It is now only called once, with the model alias format.
  • Join building now accepts no conditions. When joins are created with no conditions a cross will be created unless where conditions correctly restrict the query.
  • SchemaShell now correctly handles the –file and –name switches.
  • Generated schema files have more predictable names now. Instead of using the APP_DIR value, they will always used ‘App’ for application schema files.
  • Exceptions arising from race conditions in FileEngine are now ignored.
  • CakeTime now returns ‘’ on invalid input.
  • Translation functions correctly format placeholders when the first value is null.
  • CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is no longer used as a string default value for TIMESTAMP columns with UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP in MySQL.
  • Words ending in ‘data’ are no longer inflected to datum. This means works like ‘FileMetadata’ are not inflected incorrectly.

You can view the full changelog on I’d like to thank the people who have contributed to this release. Your bug tickets, documentation edits, and patches/pull requests are a big part of what keeps CakePHP alive and ticking. Download a packaged release on github.