reCAPTCHA Plugin for CakePHP 2

I have updated and improved tbsmcd’s reCAPTCHA Plugin for CakePHP2.

1. Get reCAPTCHA key.

2. Setting.

Download recaptchalib.php. And put it in “Recaptcha/Vendor”. Latest

3. Config.

Insert keys in Recaptcha/Config/key.php . $config = array( ‘Recaptcha’ => array( ‘Public’ => ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’, ‘Private’ => ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’, ), );

4. Bootstrap.

if you load your plugins one by one add CakePlugin::load(‘Recaptcha’);

ReCaptcha/Config/bootstrap.php only reads your key.php config file

5. Controller.

public $components = array(‘Recaptcha.Recaptcha’); public $helpers = array(‘Recaptcha.Recaptcha’);

or inside controller action

$this->helpers[] = ‘Recaptcha.Recaptcha’; $this->Components->load(‘Recaptcha.Recaptcha’)->startup($this);

always add in your controller action or in bootstrap Configure::load(‘Recaptcha.key’);

6. View.

Inside <form> tags: echo $this->Recaptcha->show(array $options); $options : any recaptcha supported option (theme, lang, custom_translations, custom_theme_widget, tabindex) example: echo $this->Recaptcha->show(array( ‘theme’ => ‘white’, ‘lang’ => ‘fr’, ));

echo $this->Recaptcha->error();