Emogrifier Plugin for rendering HTML formatted email

CakephpEmogrifierPlugin is a CakePHP 2.0x Plugin that makes of using Emogrify on your HTML output easy.

Wondering what Emogrify is? Emogrifier is a great library from Pelago that deals with much of the hassle involved with HTML formatted email messages:-

This Plugin is a wrapper around Emogrifier making it easy to use in CakePHP 2.0x

Step 1

Download the Plugin here:-https://github.com/ndejong/CakephpEmogrifierPlugin

Step 2

Copy or symlink CakephpEmogrifierPlugin into a path named Emogrifier in your Plugin path like this:-


Take careful note of the Plugin pathname, the name is “Emogrifier”, not EmogrifierPlugin or CakephpEmogrifierPlugin, it’s just Emogrifier. I spell this out because it’s an easy thing to trip up on especially if your pulling this down from github or unpacking from a tarball.

Step 3

Be sure to load the plugin in your bootstrap.php or core.php, like this:-


Step 4

Tell your controller to render your view with Emogrifier like this:-

$this->viewClass = 'Emogrifier.Emogrifier';

Questions and Answers

Q: Pelago’s Emogrifier class requires you to pass in the CSS but this plugin does not, what’s going on? A: We parse the HTML from the View->output attribute looking for CSS from link and style elements then stich the whole thing together - it makes using this a little easier.

Q: I’m using Emogrifier before rendering to webpages and I can’t see any difference A: Take a look at the HTML source, you should notice that all your CSS styles are now inline element style attributes.

Q: Why does this Plugin have no Tests? A: Because call me daft, I just can’t work out how to write a PHPUnit test for output from a Plugin View - let me know if you do!