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How a Cake-noob built in 14 days

Published by jorgtron on 10/2/09

In this article I describe how I got from idea to launch of a tutorial-aggregate website using the CakePHP framework. Visit [url][/url] to view the final result.

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jorgtron posted on 10/25/09 05:47:41 AM
Thank you for your comment!
There's a great tutorial for what you're looking for here:
960gs is a grid system, which is basically a grid that you put on top of your designs in Photoshop so that you can align elements to the grid. When you align to a grid, designs typically look better :) Do a search for 'designing with grids' and you might find some useful articles.

Good luck!
jorgtron posted on 07/18/09 11:41:22 AM
@alan reinhart

Sorry for the late reply. I do use Dreamweaver for some work, mostly CSS stuff as DW has some handy helpers that make writing CSS quicker.

An issue with DW is that it doesn't color-code .ctp & .thtml files, cake's template files. There is a way to fix that, but it didn't work for me. I use Notepad++ mostly for all my coding :D

Cake is not a replacement for DW, you'll still need a good grasp on html and CSS to make everything look good.

Thanks for your comment :D

jorgtron posted on 07/18/09 11:37:02 AM
I have an RSS feed, you can find it here:
jorgtron posted on 03/08/09 10:51:25 AM
Henrique: The rating star system is not built by me, but is based on :)

- Jørgen
jorgtron posted on 02/26/09 06:55:24 AM
Thanks Giuliano! I appreciate it, let me know if you have comments on how to improve the site :D