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Add Trailing Slash to CakePHP

Published by grabanski on 17/6/08

How to add a trailing slash to URLs in CakePHP using .htaccess and app helper.

Asset Mapper

Published by grabanski on 23/1/08

[b]Map your entire web application's asset (JavaScript/CSS) includes with one file![/b] Easier way to manage JavaScript and CSS includes. Built on top of Asset Packer which compacts files and put them through CSS Tidy and JSMin.

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grabanski posted on 01/18/08 04:08:11 AM
I have updated Asset Mapper.

* Rules are now defined in asset_map.php.
* Asset Mapper is now only enabled when debug is set to, "0". see developmentMode in asset_mapper.php
* Removed _([0-9]{10}) cache check.
grabanski posted on 01/04/08 10:54:33 AM
Alexander, the developmentMode variable has been added. To activate developmentMode just set it to true. For instance, here is how you want to add it based on debug setting. Put this in your beforeRender function in asset_mapper.php

if (Configure::read('debug') > 0) {
    $this->AssetPacker->developmentMode = true;
grabanski posted on 01/04/08 10:12:23 AM
I haven't coded it, but I plan to and it would be easy to do.
grabanski posted on 01/03/08 12:34:38 PM
I just updated Asset Mapper to include your fix. I also added the vendors folder to the zip download.
grabanski posted on 01/03/08 11:04:04 AM
Thanks again you Alexander for your help.

I am thinking it would be great to not pack or minify in "development" mode. Development mode can be activated by whatever debug level you specify, default is above 0.

In IRC I am, "iMarc" - see you in there.