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Ticket Model for CakePHP

Published by Firecreek on 5/1/10

This model will create a simple one-off ticket which can be used for user password resetting to activation and moderation. With an activate account example you might send a url like http://domain.tld/users/activate/6d9c79a15255

Get Twitter RSS Feeds with CakePHP

Published by Firecreek on 8/7/09

Using CakePHP model get your RSS twitter feeds with caching and limits.

Geocode location with CakePHP

Published by Firecreek on 24/1/09

Locate postcodes and addresses with this CakePHP model.

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Firecreek posted on 07/08/09 12:05:58 PM
Hi people.

When I get a spare 10 minutes I'll update this code to use HttpSocket, optional table caching and a few other clean ups, like using the word 'tweet' instead of 'twit' :)
Firecreek posted on 07/08/09 12:03:24 PM

it gives me an error stating:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in C:\xampp\htdocs\cake\app\models\twitter.php on line 99

Thanks for help in advance

You need to have curl installed on your server. I will update this script soon to use HttpSocket
Firecreek posted on 07/08/09 12:02:24 PM
I do not understand well enough, if you are cleaning the data anywhere? No matter if twitter or any other source - if you do not check and sanitize the data you pull from other sites, you will open your site to potential attacks. Is the data cleaned automagically by cake in this case? If yes, please explain. If not, please change the code.
I think it would be quite important to keep an eye on the quality of tutorials that are posted here. People will adapt bad techniques published here and problems will fall back on the cakephp project as "not beeing safe" or something. Thanks!

I have not included a view example. It is up to you how you escape the output and you'll do this in your view file.