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Queries log for your AJAX requests

Apr 26



Scaffold on Bootstrap 3

Feb 19

Qimage Component (Image Manipulation Component Cake 2.x)

Jan 23

An ElasticSearch powered Search Index - your data stays in default

Jan 11


User Management Plugin with Twitter Bootstrap 3.x for cakephp 2.x version 2.3

Dec 25

Plugin for Paypal Web Payments Pro for Cake PHP 2.x

Sep 11

Generating Tree compatible with twitter bootstrap nav subnav

Aug 28

Bootstrap 3 Formhelper (CakePHP 2.x)

Aug 24

Search plug-in for CakePHP 2

Jul 23

NeptunIDE - CakePHP dedicated IDE is now available for everyone!

Jul 23

Document Manager Plugin for CakePHP 2.x

Jul 18

Croogo 1.5.2 API

Jun 25

CakePHP 2 Export as CSV plugin

Jun 23

How to Cache CakePHP Db ACL Checks

May 28

CakePHP Modular Admin And Structured Content - Cloggy

May 18

How to Log PHP Errors and SQL to Chrome Console in CakePHP

May 08

Save HABTM data in a single simple format

Apr 19

User Management Plugin with Twitter Bootstrap for cakephp 2.x version 2.2

Apr 06

Petit four, the quick and easy online CakePHP baking tool

Mar 27

Create your own Pinterest App with Engaged - Made with CakePHP

Mar 24

CakePHP product management 2.x

Mar 12

Rails Migration in Your CakePHP application.

Mar 08

CAKEPHP-DATATABLE - A component for working with jQuery DataTables

Feb 18

Why that solutions?

Jan 27

Backup your SQL database with BackupMe console application

Jan 25


Display Tree Index with OL and LI

Dec 20

Versioned DbMigrations

Nov 24

Tagcloud Helper Cakephp 2

Nov 14

Authake for CakePHP 2.2.3 is finally out!

Nov 12

Cake Bake Templates for Twitter Bootstrap

Oct 12

Twitter Bootstrap Plugin for CakePHP

Oct 11

Jquery Validation Helper

Oct 11

JSON with your tables

Oct 09

ConfigAdmin - Administration of Custom Configuration File

Sep 22


Multistep forms

Sep 09

Google Maps Helper

Sep 08

For the Core Translation Behavior (i18n)

Sep 01

User Management Plugin for cakephp 2.x version 2.0

Aug 20

Like plugin

Aug 10

FileStorage plugin with optional Image Processing

Aug 09

Alternate way to save HABTM data along with primary model

Aug 04


Integrating cakephp with OpenId

Jul 31

Auth Component of Cakephp Demystified Part-2

Jul 28

Social login with Hybridauth

Jul 27

Auth Component of Cakephp Demystified Part-1

Jul 27

Active Record pattern for CakePHP

Jun 29

Trello API wrapper plugin

Jun 27

Simple 3rd-party provider authentication with Opauth plugin

Jun 25

Manejo básico Cache FILE

Jun 25

Javascript/CSS/LESS module loader + dependency calculator plugin("ResourcesController")

Jun 22

Sending content to the layout using Cake 2.x

Jun 20

Composer Plugin for CakePHP

Jun 20

Email template management plugin

Jun 11

An Automated tool for creating ACOs for CakePHP 2

Jun 11

Very helpful plugin for Beginners and Experts

Jun 06

Jquery search ajax pagination

May 31

Markdown plugin for CakePHP 2.+

May 23

ZaakPay payment gateway component

May 20

Download Now - GitHub

May 19

Extending HttpSocket for use with Amazon among other things for 1.3.x and 2.x

May 18

Amazon Product Advertising Services Component

May 18

AWS SES component for CakePHP2.0 +

Apr 24

GoogleChart helper

Apr 23

Breadcrumbs trail for unordered pages

Apr 23

from Cake to Bake

Apr 22


Prevent render layout elements with the render of some views!

Apr 20

Fixing and improving the TextHelper

Apr 20

Prevent render layout elements with the render of some views!

Apr 19

SELECT FOR UPDATE (hack) (kind of ugly but it works) (PostgreSQL and MySql)

Apr 14

Zhen CRM: open-source CakePHP CRM application

Apr 13

CakeApp with TwitterBootstrap

Apr 13

Helper TinyMCE for CakePHP 2

Apr 11

Custom Fields Plugin for CakePHP 2.x

Apr 11

Auth – inline authorization the easy way

Apr 07

AddressFinderHelper, a widget for cakephp 2.x forms

Apr 06

Minify plugin for CakePHP 2.0+

Apr 04

PhpExcel helper for generating excel files

Apr 02

CakeHtmlHelper speed up your site enabling html cache - Cakephp 2.x

Apr 01

ToastyCMS a CMS for people who love bread that is baked twice

Mar 28

Eclipse Code Completion in views using $this

Mar 28

PaginationRecall for CakePHP 2.x

Mar 27

Force saving with when insert primary key value

Mar 27

Force saving with know primary key

Mar 26


Mar 15

Redis DataSource for cakePHP 2

Mar 15

Don't forget afterFind callback

Mar 15

AjaxMultiUpload Plugin for Cake 2.0.x and 2.1

Mar 12

CakePHP internationalization and localization

Mar 02


Report Manager Plugin for CakePHP 2

Feb 23

Sphinx Search Behavior for Cake 2.0+

Feb 21

reCAPTCHA Plugin for CakePHP 2

Feb 15

ThumbnailHelper, a thumbnail generator with cache dynamic

Feb 13

User Management Plugin for cakephp 2.x

Feb 11

Custom RSS-Helper that actually works with namespaces for Cakphp 2.0

Feb 08

Cakephp application + Netbeans + Remote Access + SSH

Feb 08

HTML 5 Multiple File Upload With Cake

Jan 31

Running CakePHP using the Facebook's HipHop compiler

Jan 30

Datetime formatter behavior

Jan 30

960 Fluid Grid System Bake Templates CakePHP 2.1

Jan 30

Emogrifier Plugin for rendering HTML formatted email

Jan 29

Attach Plugin

Jan 27


Jan 26

NiceAuth - User Management Plugin with OpenID

Jan 22

Mozilla BrowserID authentication plugin

Jan 22


Jan 22

Mpdf component for generating PDF files from HTML

Jan 19

Cakephp V2 without a database (Fixed)

Jan 19

SOPA Blackout component

Jan 13

jQuery Multi-input for CakePHP

Jan 12

CakePHP 2 and launchd on Mac OS X 10.6

Jan 12

HABTM Add & Delete Behavior for CakePHP 2.0

Jan 11

Layout Component

Jan 05

Adding a TinyMCE image browser to CakePHP 2.+

Jan 04