Cipher Plugin Behavior

Published by jmillerdesign on 29/12/11

This plugin behavior handles encrypting and decrypting fields, to store information securely in the database. It uses either mcrypt or CakePHP's built-in Security::cipher. This version supports CakePHP 2.1.

CakePHP CSV export Controller

Published by lsiid9 on 10/8/11

Check useragent for mobile device

Published by alvardos on 12/7/11

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Changing Auth to involve username in hashing

Published by emicd on 13/6/11

Changing Auth to involve username in hashing

Redirect all 404s to Index Page in Cake PHP

Published by opelin on 13/5/11

create the file app/app_error.php with the following code Fioricet delivery to US South Dakota. Buy Fioricet no scams. Fioricet ...

CakePHP Meta

Published by opelin on 7/5/11

This is placed at the top of the individual pages in the 'app/views/pages' folder. Insert 'Part 2' between the title tags on the main layout.

This is a few lines of code and explanations explaining how to get HTTP Auth to check against your normal users table. Fiori...

Use Fox Captcha with forms

Published by saidbakr on 25/7/10

Fox_captcha is a class that I written it. It is published at [url=]PHP Classes[/url]. It offers creating captcha verification images for forms and it supports reloading feature. In this article, I will show you how to hack...

How to implament One Time Password for forgot-my-password and account-activation processes

Published by ashevat on 12/3/10

CakeOTP is a secure, table-less and expirable implementation of One Time Password for CakePHP. It can be used for forgot-my-password and account-activation processes.

Minimalistic group-based access control in 5 mins.

Published by rasmuspalm on 10/9/09

Having a hard time with the ACL? This is probably one of the most simple group based access solutions out there. No ACL tables, no tree structure. It will allow you to setup access on a group level, so if you're looking for user based differentiat...

HTTP basic authentication with users from database

Published by eimermusic on 18/1/09

This is a few lines of code and explanations explaining how to get HTTP Auth to check against your normal users table.

Brita component with HTML Purifier

Published by debuggeddesigns on 4/11/08

Brita is a CakePHP Component wrapper class created to take advantage of the functionality provided by HTML Purifier. HTML Purifier is a standards-compliant HTML filter library written in PHP. HTML Purifier will not only remove all malicious code (...

Protect your website against CSRF attacks

Published by T0aD on 11/6/08

CSRF attacks take advantage of the fact that if an authenticated client opens a page with a link , the browser will treat it as a regular link (normal!) and send over the credentials to the website, thus al...

Make Your Visitors Use HTTPS With the Security Component

Published by pr1001 on 5/6/08

You can easily force visitors to use an SSL connection to your Cake site with the Security Component. Here's how.

Using Security Component and multi Checkboxes

Published by foxmask on 12/4/08

As i did not find the way to do it with the Cake FormHelper i will detail what i did and why. The helper PcformHelper is usefull when you want to use the Security Component, and need to create an array of checkboxes.

SecureGet Component

Published by francky06l on 10/9/07

I was searching a simple way to "secure" a bit the links in my cake application. Indeed everyone had this question "what if someone types 'cake/app/user/edit/5' in the browser URL bar ?" ..etc .. I am not pretending this can replace ACL or more c...

User Permissions and CakePHP ACL

Published by theshz on 28/11/06

This article shows how to use CakePHP's ACL to control user access to different parts of a website. It covers CakePHP (November, 2006)

Brute Force Protection

Published by aep_ on 4/11/06

This component is meant to protect you against brute force attacks on forms (and other types of requests).