Scaffold on Bootstrap 3

Published by xv1t on 19/2/14

My samples in the scaffold design using Bootstrap 3

Generating Tree compatible with twitter bootstrap nav subnav

Published by cybercoder on 28/8/13

I needed a helper which show my Menu items in twitter bootstrap navigation bar format with unlimited deep. First i did google for finding it but there was no result or there was not free. So i will show you how i did do that.

Twitter Bootstrap Plugin for CakePHP

Published by nitsche on 11/10/12

Twitter Bootstrap ( is a powerful front-end framework. I'd really love to use this for several projects and pages. Now I have created a simple plugin to use the power of Twitter Bootstrap easier inside Cake...

Twitter Bootstrap style for CakePHP instantly

Published by mxkocak on 16/11/11

If you know what twitter's bootstrapp css and Javascript Library and how awesome is, you need to use this tiny Javascript library. Bootstrappifier for CakePHP is a Javascript library to use Twitter Bootstrap library with CakePHP without need of...

Rewrite a plugin's paths to look nicer.

Published by bparise on 13/5/07

Plugins are a fantastic and vastly underused tool in CakePHP! But their default paths can be strange sometimes. This article describes how to rewrite a plugin's paths using bootstrap.php.

Flexible controller and modelpaths

Published by Dyflexis on 9/5/07

This short tutorial will show you how to organize your model and controller in subfolders of the controllers and models folders!