QuickApps CMS - CakePHP 2.0

by y2k_2000
QuickApps CMS is a free open source CMS built with CakePHP v2.0


QuickApps CMS is a free open source CMS built on CakePHP v2.0. It could basically be considered a Drupal[1] port, It has some of the most remarkable characteristics of Drupal: Modularzation, Node architecture, Content Types system creation and Field API. It is a simple application, but robust enough to create and manage any website. It can handle simple websites (static content), as well as complex sites through the creation of custom Themes, Modules, or Fields.



  • Drupal: Node & NodeType system, Hooks and Modularization, backend interface.
  • Wordpress: shortcodes.



  • Nodes: Each item of content is called a node, and each node belongs to a single content type.

  • Content Type: Defines various default settings for nodes of that type. Such as comments, publication, etc.

  • Field API: Allows to associate various types of information to content types. Fields controls how this information is processed, stored, or renderized.

    Fields included in the Core:
        - text: textboxes & textareas.
        - list: checkboxes or radio buttons lists.
        - terms list: tags.
        - file: file atachments (powered by Uploadify).
  • Module: In the system, everything is a module, even Themes have an associated Module. Modules included in the Core are: Block, Comment, Field, Locale, Menu, Node, System, Taxonomy, User.

  • Taxonomy: Categorize your content. Assign a term list field to your content type and start tagging you content.

  • Comments

  • Manage users: ACL

  • Blocks: Allows you to create boxes of content, which are rendered into an area, or region, of one or more pages of a website.

  • Menu: Is a hierarchical collection (Tree) of links, which can be within or external to the site. Each menu is rendered in a block that can be enabled and positioned through the Block system above.

  • Themes: Backend and Frontend Themes are managed independently.

  • RSS: Powered by a nice built-in search system.

  • Hook system: (or event system) separated in 3 layers: Controllers, Models, Views. Wich allow modules to interact with the entire system or even with other modules.

  • HookTags: Similar to Wordpress shortcodes.

  • Multi languages: Load your own translation packages (.po) or define your own translatable entries directly into the data base.

  • Free and much more.


Additional Modules Available

  • DebugKit: The most popular debugging plugin compatible with QA
  • StickyAdmin: Adds a sticky admin menu in front office
  • Mediamanger: Management of your files stored on your website (Powered by ElFinder)
  • Wysiwyg: Wysiwyg editor for textareas

(Contributions are welcome)


Try it

user: admin
password: demo123




Installation instructions

Go to github[2] and read Readme


What is next ?

There is still a lot of work to finish. But, for now, I will concentrate on creating a more decent official web [3], writing documentation in GitHub, and correct errors in the actual Beta or include new functions if necessary.




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  • jetwes posted on 01/18/12 02:02:50 PM
    I think there's much potential in your system. Congrats!
  • henery posted on 12/28/11 03:35:18 AM
    Quick applications of CMS are very innovative in nature. I will use these applications soon. Thanks for providing this info here.
  • sensei posted on 11/19/11 12:36:55 AM
    Hey! Thanks for sharing your code! I think this is a great initiative with great potential. Will give it a try.
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