Make Minify helper work with themed assets

by tpuglia
Make Minify helper work with themed assets

I was working with Minfiy Helper in Cake 2.0 and once moving my themed css files to the "/views/themed/<mytheme>/webroot/css/" folder they were not located by MinifyHelper.

If I turned MinifyHelper off the assets were located corerctly by HtmlHelper->css function

MinifyHelper expects assets such as (css and js files) to be physically located at the url path specified. When moving themed assests to the themed folder these assets are served dynamically via php at this location.


Hence, the physical file is not found at this location. As per cake documentation (also recommended for better performance) you can copy your themed assets into the folder above. This way the served path will also contain the physical files needed for Minify to work.


From: app/views/themed/<mytheme>/webroot/css/site.css To: app/webroot/theme/<mytheme>/css/site.css

Once you copy your themed assets to 'app/webrrot/theme' You can them update MinifyHelper to make it work with thems by updating this function of MinifyHeper

public function _path($assets, $ext)
    $path = $this->webroot . "min/f=";
    $url = '';
    foreach($assets as $asset) {
        if (strpos($asset, '/') !== false) {
            $url = ("{$asset}.{$ext}");
        } else {
            $url = $ext . '/' . ("{$asset}.{$ext}");
        $path .= ("{$url},");
    return substr($path, 0, -1) . '&amp;' . Configure::read('App.version');

To load your themed assets via MinifyHelper refer to the themed assets in the served path using a '/' at the begining of the path name.


$this->Minify->css(array('core', '/theme/<mytheme>/css/site'));


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