RewriteBase config for cake installation with userDir and mod_rewrite

by syl-via
This article shows how to configure RewriteBase in 3 .htaccess files in cake installation located in userDir ~/user/cake_install
If the cake app is installed in ~/user/cake_install/, than to correctly configure the RewriteBase you will need to edit 3 .htaccess files:

adding the directive: RewriteBase as follow:

Path  ---->  RewriteBase
~/user/cake_install/.htaccess   ---->     RewriteBase /~user/cake_install/
~/user/cake_install/app/.htaccess  ---->    RewriteBase /~user/cake_install/app/
~/user/cake_install/app/webroot/.htaccess   ---->  
RewriteBase  /~user/cake_install/app/webroot/


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  • posted on 05/17/13 12:10:05 PM
    This way resolved to me, but have a little problem, when I access the application but i receive the following message : ~felipeGoncalvesController could not be found. where '~felipeGoncalves' is my user on the nfs server.

    Please help me
  • Ivanyosan posted on 04/07/12 08:32:07 PM
    thank you syl-via.

    After hours of searching i was able to upload cakephp to my shared hosting service following your instructions.
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