Release: CakePHP RC3 - The RC of Triumph!

by nate
It's finally here: the final release before the final release of CakePHP 1.2.
It's finally here: the final release before the final release of CakePHP 1.2, and I just want to say how thrilled I am. This release, possibly more than any other in the history of the project, has truly been a team effort. Everyone has really come together to make this a great release, and I just can't say how proud and happy I am of the effort that the team has put in.

Some of you may remember the benchmarks posted by Rasmus Lerdorf, in which CakePHP did not perform so well. We can all debate Rasmus' due diligence (or lack of), but what was clear was that we had some catching up to do. Over the past few weeks, Larry has worked tirelessly on iteration after iteration of performance improvements, and now we're faster than ever before. By itself, the bootstrap process is over 10x faster than RC2, and basic requests for static content are now about 5x faster overall.

Tim Koschuetzki really stepped up as well. Not only has he contributed several new features and many, many tests to the latest release, but he also knocked out the remaining bugs left over from 1.1, so we're now able to push out another stable 1.1 release for those who haven't already moved up to 1.2.

Garrett, as always, has kept this project running in all the ways we don't notice, in addition to many we do. As project manager, Garrett works to keep everything running, in addition to tracking bugs and contributing code. This project would not be possible without his continued efforts.

Lastly, but most certainly not leastly, I'd like to thank Mark Story, who has put as much or more effort into this last release as anyone. In working to get RC3 done, Mark has been the most consistent, hardest-working contributor, and we'd like to honor him as such. Henceforth, October 1st shall be known to the CakePHP community as Mark Story Day!

So, thanks to everyone on the team for their positive efforts. As always, you can download the latest release on CakeForge[1]. To announce this release, Jeff and I have recorded a new episode of The Show, which you can listen to at the CakePHP Live Website[2]. You can also read up on the changes that have gone into this release in the changeset[3].

So thanks again everyone, and merry Mark Story Day!


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