Twitter Bootstrap style for CakePHP instantly

by mxkocak
If you know what twitter's bootstrapp css and Javascript Library and how awesome is, you need to use this tiny Javascript library. Bootstrappifier for CakePHP is a Javascript library to use Twitter Bootstrap library with CakePHP without need of FormHelper hacks.

For instructions and download:

Direct Link:

For install:

  1. You have to have Twitter Bootstrap configured. (cake.generic.css removed from default.ctp, files downloaded and included to you webroot/css and web root/js folders )
  2. Copy cakebootstrap.js in your webroot/js folder
  3. Your View/Layouts/default.ctp file must include this in head tag:

echo $this->Html->css('bootstrap.min'); //You don't need to add again if you have this echo $this->Html->script('libs/jquery-1.6.2.min.js');

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