Markdown plugin for CakePHP 2.+

by maurymmarques
Can be used to convert markdown to HTML markup. It may be useful, for example, to create a help session in a system. That way you can also put your help files on github which also has an interpreter of markdown files.


You can clone the plugin into your project (or if you want you can use as a submodule):
cd path/to/app/Plugin or /plugins
git clone Markdown
Bootstrap the plugin in app/Config/bootstrap.php:
CakePlugin::load(array('Markdown' => array('bootstrap' => true)));


Enable the helper using the plugin syntax
If desired, set the component to assist with the return of data from the markdown.
// in app/Controller/BakeriesController.php
class BakeriesController extends AppController {

        public $helpers = array('Markdown.Markdown');
        public $components = array('Markdown.Markdown');

        public function index() {
            $this->set('textInMarkdownFormat', $this->Markdown->getFile($pathToFile));
In the view you can use something like:
// in app/View/Bakeries/index.ctp
echo $this->Markdown->transform($textInMarkdownFormat);



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