The cake is still rising

by markstory
Recent weeks have seen a few changes in the development team, as well as some clarification of the roadmap for CakePHP future releases. We'd like to thank those leaving for all their hard work and contributions. For those sticking around, you're in for a treat!
CakePHP Project Manager Garrett Woodworth and Developer Nate Abele have left the CakePHP development team. The entire team would like to thank them for their amazing work and efforts towards the core, cultivating the community and various other contributions associated to ongoing CakePHP development. We don't feel that we can fully express the gratitude we have for all their hard work, so we won't. Nate and Garret you will both be missed, thanks for all the fish.

Where does that leave us?

Recent efforts have seen CakePHP 1.3 being developed primarily by Mark Story. Mark has taken the lead on this version, and has been steam rolling bugs and plucking out enhancements for this version. Phenomenal progress has been made on the 1.3 branch, and we're all excited to see the progress.

While CakePHP 1.3 is still in development, we're hearing reports of project cropping up using the 1.3 core with great success. This is a testament to the rigorous testing regime in place for 1.3 and the upcoming 2.0 branch of code.

CakePHP 2.0 development has picked up significantly, being led by Predominant (Graham Weldon) and PhpNut(Larry Masters). A push is being made to release a "development" release as soon as possible. The rough roadmap and feature set of the CakePHP 2.0 branch has been updated on the CakePHP 2.0 wiki[1]. We're all excited to see more user input and feedback on the CakePHP 2.0 development and plans.

So, while we've had changes in the development team recently, in terms of the active developers working on CakePHP current branches, very little has changed. We'd also like to extend a thanks to Matt Curry[2] for providing a fill-in-the-blanks reply, to all the end of the world comments floating about.


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  • dimis283 posted on 11/27/09 08:52:32 AM
    When cakephp 2 will be ready? I am waiting this versions-as many people I guess.
  • siva_ posted on 11/06/09 02:33:58 PM
    I'm sure other talented developers will come along and fill some of the big gaps that were created when Nate and Garrett left. It will take some time, but CakePHP will survive no doubt.
  • TheVirus2013 posted on 10/29/09 05:47:44 AM
    Hope that CakePHP will have a very long live behind it. I started working with Cake 2 months ago and I cannot do anything else now. ;-) I've also started to help the book's translation team.
    Good luck !
  • Brade posted on 10/23/09 05:28:57 PM
    Pretty big news, but Cake seems to be in a very stable place. Good luck to everyone going forward. I think I've interacted with everyone mentioned in the article at some point, either via blog, bug reporting, or twitter. All have been helpful. Thanks for producing such a fine framework to help the rest of us out!
  • mattweg posted on 10/23/09 03:22:52 PM
    It's unfortunate that this has happened. I am very interested to see what happens over the next few months as these talented developers go their separate ways.

    Mark, thanks for communicating this to us. Your commitment to 1.3 is obvious.
  • jacmoe posted on 10/23/09 02:21:51 PM
    Yeah, looks like Nate is going to release Cake3 as Lithium, but that does not make CakePhp any less awesome! :)
    Really looking forward to baking some more cake.
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