CakePHP 2.0.4 released

by lorenzo
This new version incorporates an important security fix for the 2.x branch. People are highly encouraged to upgrade their apps as soon as possible.

The CakePHP core team is proud to announce the immediate availability of CakePHP 2.0.4 [1]. This release fixes an important security issue in the AuthComponent. Prior to this version, the AuthComponent will let non logged-in users into protected action if using a different case for the action name in the url than declared on the controller. **People using any version of 2.0.x are highly encouraged to upgrade their apps to use this new version as soon as possible**. In total, there were 60 commits and 20 issues have been resolved since 2.0.3. A complete list of the changes can be viewed in the changelogs page [2], but this is a quick summary of changes that made it into 2.0.4:

  • Fixing issue where changing the case for an action in the url would allow the action in the AuthComponent making it accessible to not-logged in users
  • Fix issue with dots in request URLs.
  • Improved API documentation
  • Escape special characters in XML.
  • Moving AppShell inside Console/Command for consistency with file location of other App classes. Also making all core shells and tasks extends AppShell instead of Shell.
  • Preventing memory leak in PDO when retrieving results from the driver
  • Fix protocol relative urls for CSS and JS files.
  • Removing _Token from request data.
  • Fix ambiguous content types in RequestHandler.

The 2.1 branch is progressing at good speed and we hope we can deliver an early alpha for this branch very soon. Thanks to the ever-growing CakePHP community for the patches, documentation changes and new tickets. Without you there would be no CakePHP!

  • Download a packaged release [1]
  • View the changelog [2]



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    I think there should be an announcement published here.
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