AJAX Helper with jQuery (for CakePHP 2.x)

by jozek000
New version of my AJAX Helper with jQuery (for CakePHP 2.x) has arrived.
Check it out on my site.
On my site you can find AJAX Helper with jQuery for new version of CakePHP (2.x).

All functions that were introduced in last version are supported and compatibile with CakePHP 2.0.

Actual function list:
  • link - Returns a link to a remote action that's called in the background using XMLHttpRequest when the link is clicked. The result of that request can then be inserted into a DOM object
  • remoteFunction - This function creates the JavaScript needed to make a remote call. It is primarily used as a helper for link(). This is not used very often unless you need to generate some custom scripting.
  • remoteTimer - Periodically calls the action. Usually used to update a specific div with the result of the remote call.
  • form - Returns a form tag that submits using XMLHttpRequest instead of a normal HTTP request via post or get. Otherwise, form submission will behave exactly like normal: data submitted is available at $this->data inside your controllers.
  • submit - Returns a submit button that submits the form and updates specified div
  • observeField - Observes the field and makes an XMLHttpRequest when its contents have changed.
  • observeForm - Similar to observeField(), but operates on an entire form identified by the DOM.
  • autoComplete - Renders a text field with autocomplete. The remote action should return a suitable list of autocomplete terms.
  • drag - Makes a Draggable element out of the DOM element.
  • drop - Makes the DOM element able to accept dropped elements.
  • dropRemote - Makes a drop target that creates an XMLHttpRequest when a draggable element is dropped on it.
  • slider - Creates a directional slider control.
  • editor - Creates an in-place editor at DOM element.
  • sortable - Makes a list or group of floated objects contained in one sortable container
  • selectable - Allows for elements to be selected by dragging a box (sometimes called a lasso) with the mouse over the elements.
  • resizable - Makes selected element resizable (meaning they have draggable resize handles)
  • accordion - Make the selected elements Accordion widgets.
  • button - Button enhances standard form elements like button, input of type submit or reset or anchors to themable buttons with appropiate mouseover and active styles.
  • datepicker - Adds datepicker functionality to your pages. You can customize the date format and language, restrict the selectable date ranges and add in buttons and other navigation options easily.
  • dialog - A dialog is a floating window that contains a title bar and a content area. The dialog window can be moved, resized and closed with the 'x' icon by default.
  • progressbar - The progress bar is designed to simply display the current % complete for a process. The bar is coded to be flexibly sized through CSS and will scale to fit inside it's parent container by default.
  • tabs - are generally used to break content into multiple sections that can be swapped to save space, much like an accordion.

I think it's worth a while.

This Helper is replacement for old orginal CakePHP AjaxHelper, but it's not fully compatible with orginal Helper. Most of differences can be found in $options parameter (because of using other library).

Contact me if you find any problems.


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  • euromark posted on 11/23/11 12:22:44 PM
    I'd be great if your helper had some test cases. would make testing, finding bugs and improving easier :)

    for the 2.0 helper:
    I believe your constructor is till 1.3 style (no View passed).
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