SQL INSERT with known primaryKey from CakePHP Model::save()

by Iiridayn
I've asked myself and others quite a number of times if this is even possible in CakePHP, and always, always the answer has been that since CakePHP uses the presence/absence of the Model's id to do a save or update - that it's impossible. Today I show you how.

So - you have a table which, for whatever reason you wish to specify the value of the primary key when you insert into it. You "can't do that in CakePHP". Well, you can. And it's not that difficult to do either.

Create a table.

create table tests (id int primary key not null, title tinytext not null);

Bake your models / controllers / views.

Add this to your model:

function set($one, $two = null) {
    parent::set($one, $two);
    // if not already found in database
    if (!$this->exists()) {
        if ($this->id) {
            $this->data[$this->alias][$this->primaryKey] = $this->id;
            $this->id = false;

Add this line to your add.ctp (replace 'id' with your model's primaryKey if you need to):

echo $this->Form->input('id', array('type' => 'text'));

Note that this will not prevent you from overwriting a record of the same id, in which case your add form becomes the same as an edit form, but without the prior data.

If you wish to prevent this, add a validation rule for id on create which checks for the presence of the record. You should be validating your id now anyway.

Note that this is more useful if you really need to be able to insert/update a known id - typically which has been generated code somewhere.

As always when using clever hacks, be careful to weigh the costs and benefits. I've never been in a situation where I needed this enough to find it.


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