OpenInviter for CakePHP

by Kainchi
[p] A few months ago, I've published a case study on the bakery about a website made with Cake. [/p] [ulist] [li] [url][/url] [/li] [/ulist] [p] As I listed the components I used, i spoke of an OpenInviter component for CakePHP. A lot of people asked more informations about it. [/p] [p] The thing is that the OpenInviter tool evolves very fast (a new version every 2-3 days) so it's hard to disclose a stable CakePHP version component. [p] Whatever, I decided to disclose my current version and hope that the community will contribute to make it stable. So here it is... [/p]

About OpenInviter

OpenInviter ( is a tool that allows your clients to import their contacts from a social network or a webmail.

It's an open source project (license GNU GPL v2).

I didn't find any available components/snippets/... that could help me to integrate OpenInviter with CakePHP so i had to create one of my own.

Issues with OpenInviter

The problem was that this tool has a lot of existing features that are annoying.

  • First of all, the need of an api account on the OpenInviter website and the use of a remote password check to use the tool. Isn't that strange to you...
  • Then there are remote debugging methods and the possibility to use a hosted solution which could be a threat to your server security or clients data security.
  • Finally, there's the structure itself of the tool which makes it hard to use with CakePHP as it is meant and designed to be used as a stand-alone tool.

OpenInviter for CakePHP

I've come with a solution which is available at : It is based on a CakePHP component replacing the openinviter.php file and then the rest of the tool dispatched among cakephp folders as specified in the archive (or the trunk).

Features :

  • It's a GNU GPL v2 license as it stands for the original tool.
  • openinviter.php has been reengineered as a working CakePHP component class. All references to hosted / remote solutions are disabled.
  • The file _base.php has been modified to remove all references to any hosted / remote solutions to prevent sensitivie informations from your website from being disclosed to a third party.
  • The plugins are the same as provided by the official website.
  • It does not require any download from the official OpenInviter website. Every needed files are embedded within the archive provided.

Issues with OpenInviter for CakePHP

There's a need for regular updates that I can't provide on my own on a daily basis. So I'm counting on you to help me maintain this component.

If you notice bugs or security threats please tell me.

I'm waiting for your comments to improve this article with your updates.

Thanks !

Thanks for reading this article and forgive my english, I'm not a native speaker. Thanks to the CakePHP developers for their great framework and to all the community for its contributions.


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  • shivam posted on 09/17/14 01:17:18 PM
    how to implement OpenInviter for CakePHP
    i have updated all files according to you but how to connect openinviter. please help me
  • madhavi posted on 05/20/11 07:39:32 AM
    After downloading the component. Change the vendor function call as per follows It is giving error on cakePHP 1.3.8

    App::import('Vendor', 'facebook/facebook');
  • behnish posted on 02/17/11 09:49:29 AM
    Can you please tell the procedure for implementing whole the thing.
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